Poor frame rate

There are a couple of things you should try if you are experiencing a poor frame rate.

  • Make sure your video card drivers are up to date.  NOTE: If you are using Windows 10, the automatically updated drivers may not be correct, make sure to get the latest drivers recommended by the manufacturer.

  • Your computer may be using your default processor instead of your dedicated graphics card for running Duelyst. Each video card has an associated application that will allow you to address this (often called a Control Panel). Inside of the application, you will have the option to select specific options specifically for individual programs, and tell Duelyst to always use your dedicated graphics card.  

    This article will help you navigate the Control Panel that is right for your system: 

  • Make sure 3d hardware acceleration is enabled and configured to be used, especially in laptops.

    This article will help you find your 3d hardware acceleration options in Windows: http://www.wikihow.com/Turn-off-Hardware-Acceleration

    You may also need to enable 3d hardware acceleration through the Control Panel provided by your graphic card's manufacturer.

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